Power Up by Powering Down

    “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.”

    Ephesians 6:18


    Prayer “in the Spirit” is something worth thinking about.  That means “in communion with the Spirit” or “in the power of the Spirit.”  Praying in the Spirit means turning off my own sources of power, authority, and control.  Power down in order to power up.

    That was illustrated for me as we prayed for a man before our Thursday morning prayer group. He was sitting in his truck with the engine running as we offered to pray for him. As we began praying,  he turned off his engine. 

    That struck a cord with me.  Turning off the engine is a good thing to do in prayer.

    For me that often means setting aside my own task list.  It means setting aside my own agenda and just seeking the Father’s heart.  It means turning off the heart motors of expectations on how I hope God might answer my prayers. It means quieting my soul.

    Too often,  I like to keep the engine running and be in neutral but ready for a direction to gear into.  I am continuing to learn the value of turning off those engines and trusting God to power me up for His direction in His timing.

    That’s what I am thinking about as I consider “praying in the Spirit.” The way to up is down.

    God help me to turn off my engines as I spend time with you.  Help me to set aside the things I want to do and the task lists echoing in my head.  Calm my heart and stop the noise that is not of your quiet whisper of wisdom.



    Connie Sue Larson says (Oct 1, 2020):

    A Hearty AMEN!


    Marge Bendickson says (Oct 1, 2020):

    Amen. Good word!!


    Steven Lynn Diehl says (Oct 7, 2020):

    Thanks Connie Sue and Marge! Bless you both.

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