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    God told Moses in Exodus 3:14,  “I AM WHO I AM.”  That doesn’t sound like a very informative answer to the question of Who He Is. It is basically saying, “I AM,”  which is an incomplete sentence, really.  “I Am”  requires an object.  “I Am…..something.”

    Here is the truth:  God IS the object.  God IS the subject.  All prepositions point to Him and He IS the verb. He IS everything required to make a complete sentence that is true!

    So, a period after “I am who I am” is appropriate. It all starts and ends with Him.   Nothing else needs to be said.  God IS.  Period!   And He is really I all need.

    That is what I’m thinking about today

    Jesus declared,   “I am the way, the truth and the life….”   (John 14:6)




    Connie Sue Larson says (Mar 18, 2023):

    A Hearty AMEN !

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