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    We’ve been studying the plagues of Exodus 7-10 this week.  The plagues were God’s way of coming against all the idolatry & false “gods” in Egypt AND prepare His people to be set free.

    In a group last night it was mentioned that anything can become an idol to us.  Idols for us aren’t usually statues and images, but anything or anyone that distracts us from love for God can become an idol.

    I love my cell phone.  No, correction---I love God and I love my wife and family, I just really like my cell phone.   I can do so much with it.  There is an app for everything….news, the weather, social media, even the Bible App YOUVERSION is really nice.   I can do so much with this device.

    But I had a moment this morning.  I was in an attitude of prayer and expressing thanks to God for some things, but had an urge to check my cell phone.  But I decided to not pick it up and stayed in a heart of prayer. 

    For me, that was a moment of victory.  I hope you are having some victories over even little things that could distract you from love for God.


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