Psalm 72

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    We’re finally getting some rain!   I discovered a Psalm that brought some fresh rain of living water into my heart today and I’m inspired to share some thoughts.

    “May he be like rain falling on a mown field,

    like showers watering the earth.” 

    ~Psalm 72:6~


    Mown grass is evidence of stewardship and care.  There is something attractive about a yard or field that is cared for, and the smell of freshly cut grass or hay is appealing to many of us.   In biblical times the “mowing” was more about pasturing the land for livestock, stewarding and shepherding.       

    This Psalm is a good prayer addressed to God regarding leaders.  A leader is a person who has influence.  You are leading if you have influence over someone. The green field of your influence is a pleasing aroma, something appealing and inviting if God is watering it through you.

    Mown fields need more water.   People who care are sensitive to needs in the fields they work.  They pay attention when things are getting dry.  Health requires nourishment.     

    The water must drop for the soaking influence to make a difference.  Hovering over the field like a cloud of failed delivery would be of benefit to no one.  Effective leaders and influencers serve at ground level. 

    There is a strong prophetic sense to Psalm 72. The “he” of Psalm 72 is their king.  Jesus is the King.  We are Kings kids who represent Him. 

    I pray that HE is YOUR King and Good Shepherd and Leader today.   

    Prayer:   God show us what needs attention in the field of our hearts today.  Show us where we need to do some watering on the field of our influence.  Thank you that YOU bring living water.  May it overflow to bring refreshing grace in the fields around us.  


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